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Attachment, Neurodevelopment and Psychopathology Workshop -  June 1, 2, 3                 University of Washington Campus

This 3-day course, taught by Patricia M. Critteden, PhD, focuses on the development, prevention, and treatment of psychological disorder. It weaves together theory, human development, assessment, case examples, and treatment applications to reframe maladaptive behavior in terms of strategies for self-protection. The course focuses on development from infancy to adulthood, emphasizing the process of adaptation and developmental pathways that carry risk for psychopathology. The model used, the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) of attachment and adaptation, is relevant to individuals who are at-risk, have been exposed to danger, display disturbed or maladaptive behavior, or are diagnosed as having a psychiatric disorder. A particular emphasis is cultural influences on attachment. For further information . . . .   Workshop Full, Registration Closed.


New 2014 Updated BabyCues Cards! 

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The new BabyCues cards are now available with new photos which illustrate and explain the behavioral cues commonly seen in infants and young children. Each photo has an  explanation on the back of what the cue means along with new text that  gives the parent/caregiver ideas about how to interpret and respond to their child's cues. The set includes 52 colored photo cards, 7 sorting cards and a fold-out instructional booklet.  


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